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Make Panettone in Just One Day: The Chef Steps recipe for the festive Italian holiday bread.
We set out to create a fried chicken as craveable as the best, without deep frying at all.
Deep-fried turkey may be a thing of aspirational Thanksgiving dreams, or oil-splattered nightmares. But now you can go beyond the basic roast and indulge in perfectly cooked turkey enveloped in an extra crispy, crunchy crust.
Perfect paella is a thing of beauty. Layers of rich flavors and satisfying textures—moist rice studded with succulent seafood, meat, and fresh vegetables all nestled atop a crispy, crackly, caramelized crust. When executed correctly, that socarrat is hands down the best and most defining part of paella.
There is no reason why this should have worked. But this cookie checks all the cookie qualifier boxes in a big way. It’s the perfect blend of chewy, crispy, buttery, chocolatey goodness—it is far more than average.
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