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Estate Chef

                  What is an Estate Manager? Function And Job Description



Estate Manager is a newer term utilized to describe what a Majordomo, House Manager or Butler used to be called, a more American term. It is important to recognize the overall scope of an Estate Manager, Estate Chef while each of the other terms can fit certain duties of an Estate Manager none really fit the true meaning of what a modern Estate Manager does on a day to day basis.

Some other variations do exist such as “Director of Private Estates” and or “Director of Properties”.

The Estate Manager is an administrative service professional who possesses a mature and seasoned knowledge of Service Management Systems, expertise with multiple homes or in small luxury hotels, and knowledge of working within the Luxury Marketplace, in the Service Environment and throughout the Grounds and Property.

This person must possess basic Human Resource principles, overall knowledge of Transportation and Security, and understand his or her role as part of the Private Estate's well being.

This professional must understand the relationship of service and appropriate Private Service and business etiquette protocol.

This professional must be able to identify all Service Standards, organize work schedules, train, and manage all service staff required to fulfill all Standards for large Estates of generally 18,000 square feet or more, and/or for busy families with multiple residences.  

Salaries are currently between $90,000 and $300,000 per year with full benefits, and if appropriate, private housing.

The Overall Management of a Private Estate, or multiple Estates, is quite different from the detail of daily service delivery. Understanding the difference can make the difference of preventing turnover. An Estate Manager’s position is to take on the responsibilities involved in upholding the Service Vision and overall quality of life of the Principal and their family. The Estate Manager should approach a Private Service Management position with the following perspective:

Over all Service Vision Of An Estate Manager

Learn the depth of clarity necessary to execute all operations within a Service Environment; utilize the Starkey Service Management Model taught in the “Systems Course” with careful, skillful and intentional listening to the Principal’s Service Vision.

This written Customized Service Management Plan process will reveal and summarize the economic, human, and social factors required for the successful completion of setting up all aspects of the Principal’s overall Lifestyle, Service Vision and their Environments.

Be sure to achieve agreement with the Principal on the Service Vision, Service Goals and the overall Service Management Plan, including the staff and resources needed to fulfill the service expectations for the home and Service Environment.

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