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Create height on the plate
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“It’s important that you don’t separate the food trying to fill the plate—build from the bottom up,” he says. “If you could use a little structure, you can always purchase a ring mold to start with a base. Simply pack some food in the mold and gently lift it up. Now you have a base to build on.” 
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Cut meat horizontally
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“Slice your meats on a 45-degree bias, and also slice against the grain of the meat for a more tender cut,” he says. “Show off that perfect medium-rare steak!” 
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Play with textures
playing with textures, foams, and sauces to make the dish look more interesting. 
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Use contrasting colors
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Robert also stresses the importance of playing with contrasting colors. Avoid artificial colors and use matcha, powdered sugar, or natural colors to catch the eye instead. 

“The way you present your food is hyper-important”  “The more time you spend on how you present each dish, the more visual interest you can stimulate in your clients" 

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Use edible garnishes and decorations
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Whatever you use—whether it’s a herb, spice, or a flower—it needs to be edible. Everything on your plate should be placed with the intention of elevating the dishes taste first, and the way it looks second. 
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Choose the right plates
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The color of plate matters as the plate serves as the canvas for your food. 

“Typically, chefs will stay away from blue plates as there isn’t any naturally blue food and it is thought to be an unappetizing color,” he says. “If you have something with a lot of vibrant color, it might stand out better on a white plate.” 

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Express yourself
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“Proper cooking will give you a lot of contrast within your ingredients with both texture and color.” chefs should approach food plating and presentation just as an artist would approach their next piece. Beautifully plating food takes time. While you want it to look great, you need to plate your food fast as possible—especially if it’s a hot dish that you don’t want to go cold before it reaches your clients. 
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